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The BioHorizons conical, internally hexed connection features a number of unique design advantages focused on strength, durability and usability. The mating surfaces of the implant, abutment and abutment screw create a strong and durable precision fit as well as a predictable seal that isolates the inside of the implant from the oral biological environment. Using authentic BioHorizons parts will ensure a precision fit between the prosthetic component and implant, avoiding costly component failures that may occur from using third-party prosthetics.

  • Lifetime warranty on all implants & prosthetics
  • Spiralock® technology minimizes screw loosening and fatigue failure
  • Precise mating geometries reduce prosthetic failures
  • Advanced design creates a better engineered connection
  • Color-coded prosthetic components match implant platforms
For more information on all the advantages of BioHorizons Components,
please read our technical monograph.