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Dental Instruments

BioHorizons offers a comprehensive line of high quality dental instruments for tissue regeneration and implant placement. BioHorizons dental instruments are developed in concert with key opinion leaders to guarantee they are innovative, technically advanced and will lead to predictable patient outcomes.

Tapered HD Surgical Kit
Tapered HD Surgical Kit
Includes the instrumentation required to place: Tapered Plus,Tapered 3.0, Tapered Tissue Level, Laser-Lok 3.0 & Tapered Internal including the 3.4mm diameter and 18mm lengths. Learn more about the Tapered HD Surgical Kit.

AutoTac System Kit
AutoTac is a single touch membrane fixation tool that delivers titanium alloy tacks to stabilize membranes. Tacks can be successfully placed in all bone densities and through cortical bone surfaces.

Bone Fixation Screw Kit
Bone Fixation Screw Kit
BioHorizons Bone Fixation Screw Kit was developed to address onlay bone grafting procedures. This compact kit provides instruments and delivery units for a variety of sizes and shapes of grafts.

BioHorizons Bone Fixation Screw Kit
Hu-Friedy Dental Instruments
Hu-Friedy has earned a world-wide reputation for uncompromised quality and industry leadership. Dental instruments are available in an array of categories including surgical kits, diagnostic set-ups, or individual instruments specific to your area of practice.

Hu-Friedy Dental Instruments
W&H Motors
W&H Motors and Accessories
BioHorizons proudly distributes W&H implantology motors, handpieces and accessories. W&H products are widely renowned for cutting performance and ease of use in maxillo-facial surgery, implantology and microsurgery.

WH motors
Bien-Air motors
Bien-Air's mission, since the creation of the company in 1959, is to produce the best instruments for simplifying the work of practitioners and improving patient comfort.

Ergonomics, precision and reliability are all at the core of every new product that is developed. By paying careful attention to professionals every day, Bien-Air has made numerous innovations to continually move the bar higher. A true culture of excellence, Bien-Air keeps with the tradition of Swiss-made products made in the renowned Watch Valley.

iChiropro implantology system
Not available in all countries.
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