MinerOss® Blend


Developed to address a wide range of applications, MinerOss is a mixture of allograft mineralized cortical and cancellous chips. The cancellous and cortical blend forms an osteoconductive scaffold providing volume enhancement and effective site development for successful dental implant placement.

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  • Facilitates bone formation through retention of natural osteoconductive properties
  • Provides advantage of having the combination of cortical and cancellous chips in one vial
  • Excellent mechanical stability for strength and structure during the bone remodeling process
MinerOss Blend MinerOss Blend MinerOss Blend MinerOss Blend


  • Ridge and sinus augmentation
  • Socket grafting
  • Periodontal defects
  • Grafting for implant placement
  • Composite grafting with Grafton DBM

MinerOss Blend   MinerOss Blend

Cortical chips provide structure for space maintenance.


Cancellous chips have increased surface area for bone forming cells to deposit.

Not available in all countries.
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