tapered IM

BioHorizons Tapered IM Dental Implants with Laser-Lok microchannels
Tapered IM implants are designed for posterior implant restorations. Available in 7 and 8mm diameters, the implant design features deep aggressive threads for compressive bone loading and primary stability. The reduced collar diameter ensures the implant doesn’t deviate from its intended placement location in extraction sites. Tapered IM implants platform switch to a 5.7mm prosthetic connection.

platform switching
reduced collar diameter utilising BioHorizons 5.7mm connection
Laser-Lok® zone
Laser-Lok surface applied to the top 1.8mm of the implant
Tapered IM Dental Implants Laser-Lok
optimized threadform
deep, self-tapping buttress threads
Tapered IM Dental Implant threads
helical cutting flute
assists self-tapping ability and reduces the need for bone taps
Tapered IM dental implant

Tapered IM features

surface treatment
delivery options
platform diameters
body diameters
conical internal hex
bone level
Laser-Lok collar with RBT body
7.0mm | 8.0mm
7.5mm | 9mm | 10.5mm
Tapered IM Dental Implant
Tapered HD drills


Tapered IM osteotomies can be created by first using existing Tapered HD drills and finishing with the new Tapered IM length drills. Length Drills feature cutting flutes that match the length of the implant, acting as a clear visual aid to indicate the appropriate drilling depth. Each drill is laser marked with a single band 3mm from the cutting flute to help identify depth of placement or tissue height.
Tapered IM drill sequence
Not available in all countries.