tapered short dental implant system

Tapered Short dental implants with Laser-Lok microchannels
BioHorizons Tapered Short implants offer a solution for cases with limited vertical bone height, potentially expediting treatment by eliminating the need for bone grafting.10 The Tapered Short implant design features an aggressive thread profile and tapered body for primary stability, even in compromised situations. A platform-switched, dual-affinity, Laser-Lok surface offers crestal bone retention and a connective tissue attachment for flexible placement.

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Tapered Plus dental implants maintain soft tissue
Laser-Lok® zone
creates a connective tissue attachment, retaining crestal bone
Tapered Plus dental implants maintain crestal bone
Deep aggressive buttress threads provide primary stability and compressive bone loading.
tapered tissue level dental implant
tapered tissue level dental implant
tapered tissue level dental implant
platform switching
15 degree bevel increases lateral threads.
cutting flutes
helical cutting flutes increase surface contact2 and are self tapping.

limited space

The new Tapered Short implant is a solution for areas of limited space, where preserving anatomical landmarks is critical.
Tapered Short dental implant

Tapered Short dental implant features

Anatomically tapered body and proprietary buttress threads for compressive bone loading and
primary stability.

surface treatment
delivery options
platform diameters
body diameters
conical internal hex
bone level
Laser-Lok collar with RBT body
3.5mm | 4.5mm
4.6mm | 5.8mm
6.0mm | 7.5mm
Tapered Short dental implants
Tapered Short instruments

Tapered Short instruments

Tapered Short implants can be placed using minimal instrumentation due to a new stepped drill design which streamlines the surgical protocol. Tapered Short drills consist of a universal starter drill with intermediate and final drills that are diameter specific. The stepped starter and intermediate drills provide rapid osteotomy preparation and enhanced control during surgery. The optional final drill can be used depending on bone density and desired implant stability.

  • stepped cutting flute design for a streamlined protocol
  • color-coded drills for easy identification
  • non-reflective surface for high visibility
  • creates 12-20 osteotomies depending on bone density
  • recommended drill speed 1,500 RPM
Tapered Short surgical instruments
Not available in all countries.
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