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Connect through print, radio & TV

Let BioHorizons help you become the implant dentist of choice in your market by implementing direct-to-patient advertising to increase awareness of your practice and build confidence in your services. Offered exclusively to BioHorizons customers, this solution provides everything needed to execute a professional, affordable DTC marketing campaign.
advertising - PatientConnect
High quality print, television and radio ads created by a reputable, full-service advertising agency, feature targeted messages tailored to drive implant patients. With an implant purchase commitment, ads will be customized for you, and are a method to get qualified, new patients into your practice.

Benefits and features:

  • professionally produced creative materials
  • reduced marketing and overhead costs
  • expanded local marketing leading to more qualified new patients
  • capitalize on nationally recognized creative products that are easily customized to your practice


  • 30 second television commercial
  • 60 second radio spot
  • 2 print ads

Print advertising

print advertising - PatientConnect

Television commercial

TV advertising - PatientConnect

Radio spot

radio advertising - PatientConnect
Not available in all countries.